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I look at the clouds most days as a reminder that my friends are under the same sky: the sky is constant yet changing, something we share and a space we share while we are social distancing. The sky is something we have in common. It began with my friend, Ben: the germ of a ritual to add meaning to our days. He looks at the sky with his kids when they get in the car. I look at the sky first thing in the morning and when I make dinner. 


Then as I’ve mentioned this to other friends, sending them a picture of clouds, those friends send cloud pictures back. Everyone is taking pictures of the sky.


Friends! People of Nashville! Please share your photo or video of the sky. Upload the your image/video of clouds (and/or the sky) with a title or caption via the button on the home page. Select images will be incorporated into fiber collages which will hang in public government waiting rooms throughout Nashville after the coronavirus crisis is over. Images are posted to:

Instagram: @weliftoureyes

Facebook: We Lift Our Eyes @weliftoureyes

Twitter: @weliftoureyes

YouTube Channel: We Lift Our Eyes

#weliftoureyes #weliftoureyesnashville #artsnashville


Nashville Scene, May 21, 2020


Thank you for sharing yourselves and your lives with me!

Beth Reitmeyer


This project is funded in part by Metro Arts /

Nashville Office of Art + Culture.

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